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MaryDale Debor 


March 22-24 2012 Lexington KY                                Crestwood Christian Church, | Map1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

Marydale Debor, ( NYT) (CTMag) , CONNMAG, co-founder PlowtoPlate.org,, advisor to Exec.Director, New Milford(CT) Hospital,

TO:  Kentucky Hospital and Health Care Providers Food and Dining Directors,

RE: Farm to Hospital and Healthy Food

FROM: Jim Embry, Bluegrass Local Food Summit planner, 859.270.3699

You and your staff are invited to join us for a conversation with Marydale Debor JD,  ( NYT) (CTMag) , CONNMAG, co-founder PlowtoPlate.org,, advisor to Exec.Director, New Milford(CT) Hospital,

New Milford Hospital began its road to good food back in 2005, when DeBor, a lawyer and activist in the field of women’s health, moved to town from New York City and was hired as the New Milford Hospital’s vice president in the Department of External Affairs. Not long after, the hospital also hired a new CEO, Dr. Joseph Frolkis, who just happened to work in the field of preventive cardiology. Sensing an opportunity, DeBor knocked on his door and asked if she could do something about the food. His reply: “Absolutely.”

Marydale Debor is visiting Kentucky as part of the 2012 Bluegrass Local Food Summit held March 22-24 in Lexington at the Crestwood Christian Church. You have three opportunities to meet, learn from and share with Marydale Debor who leads a comprehensive initiative that combines hospital leadership and community-based programs to promote the local foods and agriculture as a critical means to well-being and disease prevention.

1)      Friday March 23 Marydale Debor will give a presentation at 10:30am describing her work in New England. Then at 2pm-4pm she will conduct a Farm to Hospital Working Group with hospital and institutional staff on her experiences in New England and help participants draft plans for similar efforts in Kentucky.

2)      Thursday March 22 Marydale Debor will give a short intro talk at 11am and will help facilitate the Regional Planning Working Group 2-4pm.

3)      Thursday March 22 at 7pm at Good Foods Market and Café community members are invited to join us for dinner.

Marydale Debor wins the Planetree Award: Planetree Award

New Milford Hospital has earned two national awards for its innovation and leadership in promoting wellness and prevention to help patients and community residents eat healthier foods. The first award, the 2009 Spirit of Planetree Award, recognizes the Hospital's patient-centered approach to providing care in the category of Nutritional and Nurturing Aspects of Food. Planetree President Susan B. Frampton presented the honor at the Fall 2009 Planetree Annual Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland, to Marydale DeBor, Vice President for External Affairs, and Kerry Gold, Manager, Dining Services, at a special ceremony attended by Planetree members from across the globe.

The award commemorates the transformation of our dining service to use fresh, healthy foods – some from local farms – with our partner, Unidine Corporation. It also highlights our efforts to educate local youth about nutrition, farming, the environment and the economy through our award-winning community outreach initiative known as Plow to Plate®, which advocates for regionally grown foods and farms.The second award, the Glynwood "Good Food for Health" Harvest Award also recognizes the Hospital-led PLOW TO PLATE® coalition and Unidine Corporation, which have collaborated to set a standard in the sustainable food movement for Northwest Connecticut.

Bluegrass Local Food Summit

Crestwood Christian Church, | Map | 1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

Day 2  Friday March 23, 2012  8:30am-4pm  Eating From Our Own Soil


  • Working Group #7 Farm to Hospitals

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Health care facilities and higher education institutions across the continent are recognizing that the food system — how our food is produced and distributed — is misaligned with dietary guidelines, and is largely reliant on methods of production and distribution that harm public and environmental health.  Many health care and higher education institution have begun to adopt practices and policies to support a healthy food system — one that is environmentally sustainable, improves nutritional quality and supports human dignity and justice. Far and wide, we are seeing a response. Hospitals and universities have removed their deep fryers, established farmers markets and replaced unhealthy snacks in vendors, and more are buying fresh food that is grown in sustainable ways in the local community. By adopting healthy food purchasing policies, health care organizations higher education institution are demonstrating a commitment to "first, do no harm" and treating food and its production and distribution as preventive medicine that protects the health of patients, staff, and communities: spacer


Marydale Debor, ( NYT) (CTMag) ,  co-founder PlowtoPlate.org,, advisor to Exec.Director, New Milford(CT) Hospital,

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Summit Location: Crestwood Christian Church, | Map | 1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

For more information: Jim Embry, Sustainable Communities Network  sustainlex.org/,                         embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699

Jim Embry, Sustainable Communities Network  sustainlex.org/                              embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699

Contact info:

Jim Embry

 Sustainable Communities Network

573 Stratford Dr. Lexington, KY 40503

http://sustainlex.org/, embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699







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