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Bluegrass Local Food Summit

                               Eating From Our Own Soil   


April 21, 2011 8am-4:30pm
 Crestwood Christian Church, 1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

Speaker and resource people power point presentations and handout materials

For resources on local food system click

 8:30am Welcome and Introductions

Jim Embry, Sustainable Communities Network

Rev Kory Wilcoxson, Crestwood Christian Church

Mayor Jim Gray, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government

9:00-9:15am Food and Farming Transition to a Post Carbon Food System

Michael Bomford, Kentucky State University,

Post Carbon Food System

Blog by Beth Dotson Brown,  

pdf of blog

9:15-10:00am  What’s working and how do we enhance our support of Kentucky farmers?

Blog by Beth Dotson Brown,  

pdf of blog

Farmers Roundtable

Speakers: John-Mark Hack, Marksbury Farm Market; 
Presentation handout

Jeff Dabbelt, Lexington Farmers Market


10:00-10:30 Local Government and Re-building our Local Food System

Sara Fritschner, Joshua Jennings, Louisville Metro Government, Farm to Table, Health Equity & Food Policy, 

Sarah Fritschner Power Point presentation

Building Louisville’s Local Food Economy

Louisville KY State of Food


Cheri Bryant Hamilton, Louisville Metro Council Member 5th District

District 5 Enewsletter article on Food Summit

10:30-11:15am How Community Groups Connect with Local Foods

Blog by Beth Dotson Brown,  

pdf of blog

Lucinda Masterton, Family Court Judge;

Shelia Taluskie, Chrysalis House, Purple Lunch Box;

Presentation handout

Diane Fleet, Jessica Ballard, Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program Farm;

Presentation handout

Powerpoint slides

Rob Rumpke, Bluegrass Tomorrow;

Presentation handout

Powerpoint Presentation

Erica Horn, Faith Feeds

Presentation handout

11:15-12 noon Educational Institutions and Local Foods

K-12 Schools and Local Foods

Michelle Coker, Tresine Logsdon, Fayette County Public Schools  

Presentation handout

 Sylvia Moore, Mercer County Schools-Farm-to-School

Higher education

Mark Williams, Keiko Tanaka, Tim Woods, University of Kentucky



12 noon-1pm Lunch

Lunch speaker: First Lady of Kentucky, Jane Beshear

1:15-2pm Higher Education continued & State Government

State Representative Rita Smart, House District 81, House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Small Business

Presentation handout

David Cooke, Berea College, Grow Appalachia

Presentation handout

Mac Stone, Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Presentation handout

Matt Chaliff, Kentucky Department of Education, Future Farmers of Kentucky

2pm-3:45pm Afternoon Working Groups

Working Group #1 Faith and Food 

Facilitators: Erica Horn-Faith Feeds; Carol Devine-Green Chalice/Disciples of Christ


Working Group #2 Scaling Up: Meeting the Demand for Local Food

Facilitators:  John-Mark Hack, Marksbury Farm Market; Dan Arnett, Good Foods Market and Café; 

Speakers: Dan Arnett, Good Foods Market and Café;  

Rick Christman, Employment Solutions; 
Presentation handout

Beth Richardson,TarletonTavern Farm; 

Presentation handout
Bluegrass Farm Alliance

Working Group #3 Growing an Urban Agriculture Food System Economy

Working Group notes compiled by Tim Mayer of Community Farm Alliance

Facilitators: Sellus Wilder-Commonwealth Gardens;

Presentation handout

James Coles, Community Ventures Corporation

Presentation handout

Cassia Herron-Community Farm Alliance,  Presentation handout

Deborah Messenger, Field to Fork Festival,  Presentation handout

Louise Caldwell-Edmonds, LFUCG,  Presentation handout

Jessica Mansfield,   The Rock/LaRoca United Methodist Church,
Presentation handout

Working Group #4 Creating a Local Food Policy Council 

Facilitators:Aloma Dew, Sierra Club;  Joshua Jennings, Louisville Metro Government

Working Group #5 Growing Food and Partnerships in Appalachia .

Facilitators: Mike Stratford, Christian Appalachian Project;

David Cooke, Berea College;

Resource people: Eveyln Knight, UK Appalachian Center

3:45pm-4:00pm Working Group Reports & Adjourn



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