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2011 Bluegrass Local Foods Summit

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Gardening with Class-
Creating and Sustaining your School Garden is part of the:
Bluegrass Local Food Summit
          March 22-24 2012  Lexington KY              Location: Crestwood Christian Church, | Map1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

School Garden Workshop flyer


Gardening with Class: 
Creating and Sustaining your School Garden

wordsSaturday  March 24 9am-4pm  
Monday June 18  9am-4pm     

Cost: $45.00

Crestwood Christian Church  
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1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington, KY

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For more information or questions:
 email embryjim@gmail.com or call (859)270-3699

Grow Kentucky! A Garden At Every School in Kentucky"

school gardenGardening with Class workshop is designed with K-12 teachers in mind and will show how instructional gardens support:

  • Kentucky Core Content Standard
  • Environmental Education
  • Cultural awareness and social interaction
  • Language arts, science, history, math, music
  • Service Learning
  • Culinary Arts
  • Community Partnerships
  • …and more
 During this workshop we will highlight the unique contributions of a variety of school garden programs to provide a landscape of ideas you can adapt to your school setting. Each school garden story will provide a glimpse into the ways garden programs can be structured and the myriad rich opportunities they offer.

Rationale:  Good Food For all Kids: A Garden at Every School in Kentucky!

The diet of Kentucky's youth needs to improve. Hunger, bad nutrition and obesity among children are leading causes of health risks and often contribute to poor classroom performance. By planting a garden at every school in Kentucky, we will ensure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from eating more fresh healthy foods. A well-planned edible schoolyard can supply a significant portion of a school's daily food needs. By cultivating a garden together, children learn vital skills in team work, problem solving, creative planning, and sustainable living. Garden-based classes are a great way to complement classroom education in many subjects including biology, botany, ecology, mathematics, nutrition, art, and writing. Most important, gardening is fun for kids! School gardens can dramatically enliven the learning process by giving students the ability to connect in a very experiential and hands-on way with the incredible living world unfolding all around them. For all of these reasons and many more, let's support the vision for a garden growing at every school in Kentucky!

Best Practices in School Gardens

School teachers, staff, students, volunteers and administrators across Kentucky are interested in establishing and sustaining instructional gardens. In April and June of  2009 two Gardening with Class: School Garden Workshops were held in Lexington that attracted 200+  teachers, parents and staff excited about establishing a school garden on their campus. Out of this workshop 40+ gardens were developed in 2009. In March 2010 a school garden workshop was held in conjunction with the Bluegreass Food Security Summit that attracted 30 particpants.  Our goal is to help create gardens in every school in Kentucky!

School gardens, food safety considerations, policy and procedures resource links:  
School Gardens and Food Safety-resources

Power Point Presentation by Jim Embry at the March 26th School Garden Workshop

In 2009 we organized the Kentucky School Gardens Network and the Bluegrass School and Community Garden Network to support, advocate for and facilitate school gardens efforts in  Kentucky.

Contact info:

Jim  Embry

 Sustainable Communities Network

573 Stratford Dr. Lexington, KY 40503

http://sustainlex.org/, embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699







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