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Day 1 March 22
Day 2 March 23

School Garden Workshop   
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2011 Bluegrass Local Foods Summit

2011 Bluegrass Local Food Summit Presentations and handout materials

2008 Local Food Summit

Bluegrass Local Food Summit
        March 22-24 2012 Lexington KY             Crestwood Christian Church, | Map1882 Bellefonte Dr. Lexington KY

 Eating From Our Own Soil     


Saturday March 24

Three events in ONE  day!

Event # 1

School Garden  Workshop 

Gardening with Class workshop is designed with K-12 teachers in mind and will show how instructional gardens support:

  • Kentucky Core Content Standard
  • Environmental Education
  • Cultural awareness and social interaction
  • Language arts, science, history, math, music
  • Service Learning
  • Culinary Arts
  • Community Partnerships
  • …and more

2) Sustainable Living Workshops:

The communities with the best prospects to weather the mounting forces for climate change are those that act now to rebuild local supply chains, reverse the trend toward for 

Raising Bees




Organic Gardening, 

Rain Gardens, 

Healthy Cooking, 

Edible Lawns 

3) Youth Gathering on Food and Sustainability- workshops, presentations, work projects, tours led by youth.

Local_Food_Summit on-line registration and payment

Sustainable Communities Network sustainlex.org, embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699


Contact info:

Jim Embry

 Sustainable Communities Network

573 Stratford Dr. Lexington, KY 40503

http://sustainlex.org/, embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699







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