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Slow Food Equity, Inclusion and Justice Panel


Slow Food Equity Inclusion and Justice Webinar with Jim Embry + Chanowk Yisrael


Join the upcoming webinar Thursday May 21, 2020.......11 am PT, 2pm ET —


Register here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_b2TiSHdeQIKRcvpR-HkbqA


Moderated by Charity Kenyon Webinar panel members include Jim Embry and Chanowk Yisrael.

Slow Food is about good, clean, and fair food for all -- joy + justice. 

Jim Embry and Chanowk Yisrael will share ideas about how the COVID-19 pandemic has made inequities and vulnerabilities of our food and agriculture system obvious to most everybody. And how we as a nation might move or even leap forward to create a more equitable, resilient “new normal” as opposed to getting “back to” the old, fragile normal. This webinar will also highlight the opportunities for Slow Food USA (and other organizations) to transform to be more inclusive, just, and equitable with a vision and plan for the next 30 years.


With about 45 minutes of moderated conversation, there will be about 15 minutes for questions -- type them in the chat box. 


Depending on interest this webinar could evolve into a more extended set of conversations. We want to know: did this conversation help you to think differently about the challenge? Did we help open a path toward meaningful action? Who would you like to hear from to further develop these ideas, opportunities, and vision?


  • Charity Kenyon

Charity is a former Slow Food Governor, representing the Central Valley of California, and Co-chair of Slow Food’s Equity, Inclusion and Justice Working Group. She is also an advocate for equitable food and agriculture, serving on Slow Food USA’s policy committee. Charity and her husband, Mike, live on the Central Coast of California and manage the local school garden, providing vegetables for the school lunch program.

  • Chanowk Yisrael

Chanowk Yisrael was born and raised in the South Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California which is termed a “food desert” according to the UDA. His parents are both cancer survivors and those events prompted Chanowk to break the cycle of poor eating habits that plague his community and transition himself and his family to a plant-based diet.  Determined to put healthy food on the family table, in 2008 during the great recession, Chanowk decided that the best way to do this was to start growing his own food.  In 2011, Chanowk traded in his corporate frequent flyer miles for seeds and soil and together with his wife Judith started The Yisrael Family Urban Farm whose mission is to #transformthehood4good using urban agriculture to engage, employ and empower their community.

·         Jim Embry

Jim is the Slow Food Governor for Kentucky, Co-chair of Slow Food’s Equity, Inclusion and Justice Working Group and was the primary author of the Slow EIJ Manifesto. In KY he serves as director of Sustainable Communities Network that works to educate and empower sustainable cities. 6 years ago he moved to a thirty-acre family farm where he is creating an organic environmental education center and growing lots of food. Jim has been a participant in most all the social movements of the past 60 years with a focus on food, agricultural and environmental justice. Jim has organized over 60 community gardens, was a co-writer for the Sustainable World Sourcebook, helped organize food justice conferences at the local and national levels and is working on his first book, Black and Green, a memoir of his food justice work.

·         Terra Madre 2012_Interview, Embry Bio, NAAEE Award,

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Join Slow Food, the global grassroots network advocating for good, clean, and fair food for all. 
A food system that is not equitable, inclusive, and just is not, by definition, sustainable.



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