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Help send Jim Embry to Terra Madre/Salone del Gusto in Torino, Italy.

Embry Terra Madre Promo Letter

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I have been selected as a USA delegate to the Slow Food gathering in Italy. Help me cover my travel costs!

I am very excited about this opportunity to learn from the Terra Madre delegates about how to expand the good food revolution and then share this experience with my community back home in Kentucky!

Greetings Dear  Friends!

My name is Jim Embry and I have been selected to serve as a USA delegate at Slow Food's Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto conference in Torino, Italy. Wow! What an honor this is as well as a grand opportunity for building international relationships. As a delegate I will meet people from130 countries throughout the world who are passionate about and committed to sustainable agriculture, cultural preservation and good, clean and fair food for all. When I return home to Richmond, Kentucky I will share my experience with my community and continue the work of building the good food revolution here in the USA.

My goals are to engage in at least 25 community outreach efforts… such as speaking engagements, photo exhibits, house parties…before I go and after I return to share the Slow Food story and the remarkable Terra Madre experience. I already have speaking engagements lined up at universities, community colleges and coffee shops.

Who I am?

Two years ago I moved from Lexington to Richmond to live on a small family farm next to my 90 year old Aunt. I have planted a fruit orchard, a large patch of wild flowers, native plants and sunflowers for the pollinators and have a large garden of all kinds of goodies. Since 2006 serving as the founder/director of Sustainable Communities Network (sustainlex.org), I have helped start 40+ community gardens, trained 400 teachers to create school gardens, organized annual local food summits and community garden tours, served on our local climate action plan team and the national planning committee for the Growing Food and Justice Gathering. My passion however is providing gardening, cooking and nutrition support to various women’s groups that serve women at risk. I work with women who are healing from domestic violence abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, as well as provide support for teen mothers and their children.  In 1972 I was a founding member of our local food cooperative, so I have been working on the joy and justice of this good food revolution for a long time.

I Need Your Support With Travel Expenses

Your support will help send me to the conference in Turin, Italy. In return, I will share Kentucky’s vibrant Slow Food culture with international audiences and bring back knowledge gathered from folks around the world.

As a delegate my housing and entry to the Terra Madre event are already paid for, but I need help with the other travel expenses. I will be attending this amazing event, but also spending time after in northern Italy visiting schools, farms and cooperatives to gain knowledge which I can bring back to my community. Your donations will help cover my air fare and expenses of extended stay in Italy which total about $2500.

Before I go and after I return, I will be sharing the message of the global sustainable food movement and my Terra Madre experiences with my community, neighbors, co-workers, friends and families. All contributors will be invited to a presentation of my travels upon my return, and each one will receive a thoughtful “thank you” gift that represents my experiences in Italy.

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is a non-profit, grassroots membership organization that was founded in Italy in 1986 as a response to fast food and fast-food culture. It has grown into an international organization with more than 150,000 members in 150 countries. Slow Food strives to link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and environment that make this pleasure possible.

Kentucky has a three active Slow Food chapters, Slow Food Bluegrass, Slow Food Lexington and Slow Food UK. In addition, our state has a Kentucky Proud program and a robust community of support for sustainable agriculture, good food and independent, local family farmers.

When my 90 year old aunt asked me “Jimmy you are going to Italy…well what is slow food?” I responded and said “Aunt Bessie, slow food is what you have been doing as a small farmer your entire life!”

Other Ways to Provide Support

I know that some of you might want to help financially but cannot do so at this time, and I appreciate that! But consider these other ways to support my efforts to bring the Terra Madre experience back home to Kentucky and the USA. After the Terra Madre gathering, I will be visiting local farms, schools and businesses near Torino to maximize my learning experience which I will share when I return home. My goal is to engage in at least 25 community outreach activities designed to share my Terra Madre experience with others, fulfill my responsibility as a delegate and continue to build on the joy and justice of good, clean and fair food  in my local community. Here is how you can help:

·         Speaking engagements: Please invite me to speak at schools, universities, faith congregations, community groups, restaurants, civic clubs, or conferences. I already have speaking engagements lined up at Somerset Community College and the University of Kentucky.

·         House Party: Organize a house party or fundraising dinner before I go(10/21) to Italy, or after I return (11/2). I would show pictures of my trip, talk about Terra Madre and the local food movement.

·         Photo Exhibits:  Help me organize exhibits of  my Terra Madre photos at galleries, libraries or schools in your community.

·         Social Media: Please feel free to share my campaign through your social media connections.

·         Watch this video: 2014 Salone del Gusto/Terra Madre Pre-view and share with friends

·         Be Creative: and come up with other ways that you can contribute to this experience of bringing Terra Madre-Salone del Gusto and the international sustainable food movement home to Kentucky and the USA!

Please use the Indiegogo share tools to help spread the word about my campaign!

With lots of love and hugs!

Jim Embry

sustainlex.org Director Jim Embry featured on KET Kentucky Life show:

KET’s-Kentucky Life with Jim Embry.
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