Sustainable Communities Network is a  commnity-based  non-profit organization located in Lexington, Ky that endeavors to educate, inspire, build, create and empower sustainable cities

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City and State Government Food Policy 

Seattle Local Food Action Initiative, adopted by Seattle City Council.

Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods program that provides funding to groups that enhance and strengthen their own neighborhoods and community food systems.

Food Policy Legislative Update Tracker, Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

Community Gardens: A Comprehensive Overview, published by MRSC.

Why Local Linkages Matter: Findings from the Local Food Economy Study, published by Sustainable Seattle.

Food Policy Strategic Framework, prepared by King County Acting Food Policy Council.

Beyond the USDA: How Other Government Agencies Can Support a Healthier, More Sustainable Food System, report published by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Cultivating the Capital: Food growing and the planning system in London, issued by the London Assembly.

First Report (Findings and Recommendations) From UK’s Council of Food Policy Advisors, published by UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

City of Berkeley Food and Nutrition Policy, adopted by Berkeley City Council.

FOOD & JUSTICE: Policy Initiatives for Community Food Security in California, published by the California Food and Justice Coalition.

Carrot City Exhibit: Designing for Urban Agriculture, website for a traveling exhibit that shows how the design of buildings and cities can enable the production of food in the city.

The Urban Agriculture Revolution, published by Cascadia Green Building Council.

Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning, published by American Planning Association.

Seattle’s Office of Economic Development Neighborhood Farmers Market Guide, published by Seattle OED.

Seattle Urban Agriculture, website providing resources on urban agriculture for the City of Seattle.

Together We Grow: Strengthening Seattle Urban Agriculture Through Organization Collaboration, a project report completed by Amelia W. Conlen, UW College of the Built Environment.

Urban Agriculture in Seattle: Policy and Barriers, prepared for City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Washington Food System Directory, wiki providing online access to the state’s food and farming network.

Vancouver Food Initiatives and Charter, adopted by City of Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver Urban Agriculture Design Guidelines, adopted by City of Vancouver, BC.

National Center for Biotechnology Information has published a series of articles on food supply legislation, genetically modified foods, and food safety.

FoodNYC: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System, released by Manhattan Borough President.


******************** What is “sustainability”? 

The sustainability movement in Lexington, Kentucky continues to expand and includes efforts that are education, government, business, faith and community based. Integrating these initiatives has been enhanced by the creation of the Bluegrass Partnership for a Green Community which will help us move towards a more sustainable city.



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