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AgMRC (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center) - Iowa State University -
An electronic, national resource for producers interested in value-added agriculture; a collaboration of university research and outreach specialists focused on collecting and interpreting information and creating new research to support value-added agricultural activities.

AgMRC Pork Niche/Ethnic Information Page -
This site supplies links with industry profiles, marketing, production, processing, and business information on pork.

Agricultural Alternatives-Penn State Extension -
Publications on a wide variety of agriculture alternatives

AgriSeek Ag Marketplace -
Online marketplace for equipment, livestock, real estate, jobs, farm-related products and services. This marketplace helps agricultural and rural-based businesses to expand market share through an on-line trading community.

America Farmland Trust  -
Committed to protecting the nation's best farm and ranch land and improving the economic viability of agriculture.

Approaching Food Service Establishments with Locally Grown Products -
This report, prepared for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability by the UNL Food Processing Center, helps producers market their products to the foodservice industry and  examines the opportunities and obstacles producers may encounter when approaching a restaurant or institution with locally grown products.

Center for Ecoliteracy -
Dedicated to education for sustainable living. The Center is a pioneer in providing tools, ideas, and support for combining hands-on experience in the natural world with curricular innovation in K�12 education. It administers a grant program and donor-advised funds, publishes extensively online and in print, and offers resources, seminars, and technical assistance in support of systemic change.

Climate and Farming -
This website provides a unique, comprehensive set of resource materials to help farmers make practical and profitable responses to climate changes, with subjects including: Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change, including and overview of climate science and indicators of climate change in the Northeast; Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture, including effects on crops, livestock, weeds, pests and pathogens; Energy, Greenhouse Gases & Farming, including cost-effective strategies for farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enter the renewable energy marketplace.

Community Alliance with Family Farmers -
Building a movement of rural and urban people to foster family-scale agriculture that cares for the land, sustains local economies and promotes social justice.

Community Food Security Coalition -
The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3), North American organization dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times.  Learn more about grants, conferences, and marketing for sustainable agriculture and feeding programs.

Farm to College -
Bring local food to college dining halls.

Farm to School -
Bring local food to local cafeterias.

Eat Well Guide - -
The Resource Center is a comprehensive listing of agricultural and related documents from North America and worldwide. It was created to bring the benefits of the Internet to all people presently engaged in the constructive conservation, development, and promotion of the agriculture industry.

Food Industry MarketMaker - National Network -

Food Routes -
Take action with a "Buy Local" campaign, download marketing materials, and more.

FoodMAP (Food Marketing and Processing) -
FoodMAP (Food Marketing and Processing) is a comprehensive clearinghouse of marketing and processing information on identifying new markets, learning about alternative agriculture opportunities, locating processing equipment, and understanding processing requirements and ingredients.

FoodRoutes -
FoodRoutes is a national non-profit dedicated to reintroducing Americans to their food     the seeds it grows from, the farmers who produce it, and the routes that carry it from the fields to our tables. - is a marketplace for buying and selling new and used farm machinery, equipment, seeds, crops, food, livestock and a wide range of services including job opportunities. It combines a worldwide news service with an interactive business directory and international online job market focusing on agriculture and related fields.

Local Harvest -
Find CSA programs and local farmers nationwide.

National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs -
A national organization that cultivates opportunities for consumers to buy fresh produce from local growers.

National Farmers Union -
To protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers and ranchers and their rural communities.

National GAP Program -
Food safety through Good Agricultural Practice.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service -
Offers in-depth publications on production practices, alternative crop and livestock enterprises, innovative marketing, organic certification, and highlights of local, regional, USDA and federal sustainable ag activities.

Organic Farming-National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service-ATTRA -
Organic farming addresses fruits, vegetables, agronomic crops, livestock, soils, certification, marketing, pest control, value-added enterprises, post-harvest handling, and greenhouse production. Written largely in response to questions from farmers, the ATTRA publications in this section cover specific issues among the most widely produced organic crops.

Growing Your Range Poultry Business: An Entreprenuer's Toolbox  -
This Toolbox is written for anyone who desires to make a profit from range poultry production, whether by direct-marketing "pastured poultry," building a processing plant, or working cooperatively with other producers.

Marketing, Business and Risk Management-National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service-ATTRA -
These resources can guide agricultural business planning and help farmers manage the amount of risk in their enterprises. In addition, some of these resources offer advice on diversifying, developing new markets and adding value to farm products to increase income.

Niche Pork -
Niche Pork's mission is to enhance pork consumption by meeting customer demands for value-added pork and pork products while helping increase the opportunity for niche producer profitability.

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group -
NESAWG is a regional network of member organizations and individuals working together to create a more sustainable and secure regional food system -- one that is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just and produces safe and healthful food. We work at local, state, regional and national levels to redirect public policy, foster market-based innovation and generate an informed and active citizenry.

Organic Farming Research Foundation  -
Organic Farming Research Foundation fosters the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems through sponsorship, research and education.

President's Food Safety Working Group -
The working group will advise President Obama on how to upgrade our food safety laws for the 21st century, foster coordination throughout government, and ensure that the laws will keep the American people safe.

Produce Marketing Association -
The Produce Marketing Association is a global trade association serving the entire produce and floral supply chains by enhancing the marketing of produce, floral, and related products and services worldwide.

Slow Food -
Slow Food USA envisions a world in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it and good for the planet.

Society for Nutrition Education -
The Society for Nutrition Education (SNE) represents the unique professional interests of nutrition educators in the United States and worldwide.

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group -
They strive to empower and inspire farmers, individuals, and communities in the South to create an agricultural system that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just, and humane.

Starting a Food Business -
On this "Starting a Food Business" web site, FDA offers information on food safety guidelines and regulations it has established that are required for informative labeling and the safe preparation, manufacture, and distribution of food products.

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education -
The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program helps advance farming systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities through a nationwide research and education grants program.

The New Farm - Farmer-to-Farmer Know-How from The Rodale Institute  -
The is operated by The Rodale Institute� and the Institute's web site reaches a global community of food producers to exchange valuable "farmer-to-farmer know-how." presents expert resources for crop and livestock production, direct marketing, local food systems, policy campaigns and community-building collaborations.

The Rodale Institute -
Rodale Institute provides farmers with the know-how, tools and techniques they need to succeed; policy-makers the information they need to best support our farmers; and consumers with the resources they need to make informed decisions about the food they buy and eat.

The Rural Coalition -
The Rural Coalition is an alliance of regionally and culturally diverse organizations working to build a more just and sustainable food system which 1.) brings fair returns to minority and other small farmers and rural communities, 2.) ensures just and fair working conditions for farmworkers, 3.) protects the environment and 4.) delivers safe and healthy food to consumer.

The SuperMarket Coop (part of Rural Coalition) -
A collaborative effort of rural, community-based agricultural cooperatives to employ technology in the preservation of their communities, cultures and farming professions.

TheFoodTimes - All Consuming News -
thefoodtimes is a public service project that seeks to transform our understanding of the modern food system. By gathering and distilling existing food news and information, it links the dinner on our plates to our bodies, our communities, our wallets, and the health of the world we leave to our children.

U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder -
This site provides indepth information on census data in the U.S. that includes maps, tables and data sets.

U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics-Freedom of Information Act Requests - 
The Freedom of Information Act provides any person the right to request access to records held by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This site provides the procedures necessary to access these records.

University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program -
This site provides research and information to help strengthen connections between farmers, consumers and communities.


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center -
Website identifying resources about sustainable food systems and practices to help ensure a sustainable future for agriculture and farmers worldwide.

How to Direct Market Farm Products on the Internet-U.S. Department of Agriculture -
Supplies information on why to direct market on the Internet, developing a marketing plan, researching the market, and setting up and marketing on the Internet. This is a PDF file. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this.

National Organic Program -
This site contains certifying agents, consumer information, NOP regulations and policies; producers, handlers and processors; and state information.

USDA Community Support Agriculture -
This site contains multiple resources on Community Supported Agriculture


Amber Waves: The Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources & Rural America � ERS/USDA -
A USDA publication 5 times a year, available in print or Internet format

Food Availability Data System-ERS-Economic Research Service-U.S. Department of Agriculture -
This site enables you to create a table and/or graph using per capita food consumption data.

FoodReview: Consumer Driven Agriculture-ERS-Economic Research Service-U.S. Department of Agriculture -
This issue of FoodReview projects U.S. food consumption and spending to 2020 with articles on how farmers, processors, retailers, and foodservice operators respond to  changing demand for food. Articles include a look at food assistance expenditures and household food security.

Consumer Demand For Fruit and Vegetables: The U.S. Example-U.S. Department of Agriculture -
This site discusses how the factors such as income, age of population, market promotion, and consumer awareness of the importance of produce, contribute to increased fruit and vegetable consumption.

Organic Agriculture-ERS/USDA Briefing Room -
This site contains multiple resources related to organic farming..

World Crops -
 A joint project of the Extension Programs of Rutgers (NJ), Cornell (NY) and UMass, this site provides information on crops that can be grown in the Northeastern US with an emphasis on crops popular among ethnic groups living in the region and can be grown there (vegetables and herbs to some fruit). The site is organized according to the countries in the world. Each crop listed includes production, seed sourcing, nutrition info and documentation in English and Spanish.


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