Best Green Websites Part I: Resources For Kids Of All Ages
edible landscape resource guide

Seven Springs
      A spectacular source for all organic happenings in Floyd, VA -- agricultural inputs, farms for sale, a CSA, and more! Especially renowned for their organic fertilizers.

Garlic and Perennial Onion Growing Information

Sunroot (Jerusalem Artichoke) Growing Information

Two Eyes Magazine
      An international quarterly magazine with regular coverage of multinational agribusiness.

Acres USA
      The premier publisher of organic agriculture information.

Organic Gardening Magazine
      Contains interesting information about organic gardening.

Gardening Places
     Contains many gardening articles and links.

The Green People
      A wonderful range of all kinds of environmentally friendly information, products, and resources.
      Loaded with fun gardening projects with an emphasis on involving kids.

Pesticide Action Network
      Advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide.

North Carolina State University
      Site devoted to information about sustainable vegetable production in the South. Very complete.

Mother Earth News
      An excellent magazine devoted to all aspects of self sufficiency and sustainability.

Food History News
      A beautifully assembled site chronicling the history of food in North America.

Garden Web
      A great place to look for answers to any gardening question -- info and forums.

Greenhouse Gardeners Companion
      We strongly recommend this site to all home greenhouse operators.

Adding Heirlooms to Your Vegetable Garden
      An extensive database serving heirloom gardens.

Organic Consumer Association
      A must read for all consumers wanting to keep up with the organic movement.

Seedsaving and Seedsavers` Resources
      An important resource for all who are interested in seed saving.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
      The Virginia branch of the government agency dedicated to increase knowledge about -- and help farmers and ranchers adopt -- practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. Many grants are available.

Virginia Association for Biological Farming
      A Virginia-based non-profit educational organization dedicated to the vision of a sustainable food and fiber.

Southern Living Magazine
      Many articles about Southern gardening.

Vegetarian Paradise
      A vegetarian newsletter.

Amy Glodman
      Set up this wonderful site dedicated to heirloom fruits and vegetables, especially melons.

ATTRA -- National Sustainable Agricultural Information Service
      Extensive organics info.

Eco Business Links
      The first green directory that is 100% solar energy hosted.

The Old Farmers Almanac
      The original Farmers Almanac, now in a digital medium.

The Nature Node
      A great site for nature lovers.

Amy Stewart
      Has set up this excellent earthworm resource for us to browse.

Tomato Cages
      These cages have a neat design. Check them out.

All Nature
      An alternative neutral herbal directory online.

Sharon Lovejoy
      Has set up this site about her beautiful garden. Read her newsletter, order her books, and catch her speaking engagements.

The Path to Freedom
      Providing pathways for living a self-sufficient lifestyle in an urban setting.

The Permaculture Activist
      Recommended reading for anybody doing any level of landscaping or land planning.

Southern Great Lakes Gardener
      A great site with great tips and pictures.

Carolina Gardener
      A great magazine for gardeners in our region.

Sharon`s Little Garden
      A fun site about an amazing garden.

Green Culture
      A great source for environmentally friendly lifestyle products.

I Love Plants
      Nicely written articles about bringing your garden into a natural organic balance.

Eco Axis
      Loaded with information from gardening to natural food to Linux.

Living Foods
      A provocative site dedicated to the benefits of raw foods.

Cucurbit Network News
      As much as most people might wish to discuss the cucumber family.

Avant Gardening
      Dedicated to creative organic gardening.

      Applying ecological science to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems.

Homestead Products
      Not to be overlooked by the modern homesteader.

Master Gardeners
      Homepage, with links to master gardeners groups around the world.

Eco IQ
      Exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability.

Tinker`s Gardens
      New Mexico farm dedicated to vegetables, including the deep wide row method of vegetable gardening.

City Gardening
      Talks about the challenges and possibilities for gardening in an urban/industrial environment.

The Helpful Gardener
      Loads of great gardening articles writen by fellow gardener Scott Reil along with well visited gardening forums.

California Organic Gardening : Red Worms, Compost Bins, Composting Insects, Benefical Ladybugs

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