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Home Horticulture

Housing and the Environment

Home Lawn Care

Horticulture for K-12

Plant Pathology

The Arboretum

Other Information Sources on the Web

Kentucky Department of Agriculture — Kentucky Proud

Theodore Klein Plant Awards

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Boone County Arboretum

United States National Arboretum


Yew Dell Gardens


Vegetable Information

Home Composting: A Guide to Managing Yard Wastes (HO-75)
Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky (ID-128)
Raised Bed Gardening, Rain Gardens, and Rain Storage Information
Insect Problems
Kentucky Pest News

Cover Crops
Winter Cover Crops for Kentucky Gardens and Fields (ID-113)

Vegetable Cultivars for Kentucky Gardens (ID-133)

Bacterial Spot of Pepper and Tomato (PPA-15)
Bean Diseases (PPA-13)
Cucurbit Diseases (ID-91)
Tomato Wilt Problems (PPA-19)

Organic Gardening
Organic Manures and Fertilizers for Vegetable Crops

Starting Plants from Seeds at Home (HO-56)

Small Space Gardening
Gardening in Small Spaces (HortFact 7502)

We recommend that you contact your county Extension agent for additional information.